Hello everyone,

Welcome to my site!  I am so blessed to be able to have something like this to keep in touch with all of you as I journey to Kenya, Africa to bring the Message of Hope to a continent in darkness. This is a 6 month mission trip that God has laid on my heart and I am so excited to team up with you guys and to have you on-board. It is also a way to thank each of you for being a part in this trip. I have been overwhelmed with your encouragement already, and I am so in awe of God’s love flowing through each of you!

The name Hope In Darkness seemed so fitting for this trip.  God has given us hope through Jesus Christ and through the message of the cross, but what about those people who have never heard God’s message?  Most of us know the Great Commission, but what does that mean if we don’t follow it?  If God’s Word brings salvation and hope, and we don’t share it with others, then who will?  There is so much darkness in Africa not only with physical needs, but more importantly spiritual needs.  We are called to go beyond and reach out to the lost.  I am so excited to have the chance to do this with all of you!!

That is all for now!  Feel free to browse the site, write comments, share it on your facebook, etc … There is an option to submit your email address in the upper-right corner to get emails with any updates I will put on the site about this ministry. You can also email me anytime if you have any questions or ideas at:  danitim77@gmail.com

Thank you for looking …  God bless you all !

Dumnezesu sa va binecuvinteze si multumesc ca ati vizitat site-ul ! 🙂

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