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Finally In Kenya!

Hey everyone,
Finally in Kenya!! This week we were focusing on settling in and getting all of the logistics worked out. The kids have this week off of school so we were playing games, singing songs with them, building friendships and teaching them about the love of God.

This week has also been an adjustment. It is really hard going to a third world country coming from America. I am completely broken every time I hear a story. One we heard this week was a mother who’s husband had died and she had a deformity so she couldn’t work with her hands. She had considered poisoning her kids because that was the best option. This is the reality in so many places here.

The orphanage has several needs and the money that we have set aside for them won’t cover them all so I also need direction to decide which project God wants us to take care of. The needs are play shoes, school shoes, a tank to collect rain water, rebuilding of the older boys dorm, school fees, and a building for the children to eat in. If God is calling you to fund any of these projects please email me at

After this week we will be doing some prayer walks in the smaller villages to make connections and find out what the needs are. Please be praying that God will lead us to the places with the most need, both physically and spiritually.

Before I close this note I would like to ask you guys to pray for my heart. This past week I had a big wave of discourages and trials in different areas. It was very overwhelming but God thought me many things. Thank you for your prayers!

Well that is all for now. Thank you all so much for taking the time to follow my journey. Please be praying about how God can use you here, there is so much need, but as a team we can make an impact.

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