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I’ve been wanting to put this post on for some time now and so glad that I can finally do it 🙂 First I just want to ask you guys to pray for this young man that is with me in the picture. His name is Jeffrey. Few weeks ago God gave me an opportunity to talk to him about Jesus. He had never heard about Jesus before. After about 2 hours of talking to him with the help of a translator (a boy from the orphanage), about God’s love and how sin entered into the world and the salvation plan God had for the Humanity, he told me that he wants to be with God forever and wants his heart washed clean from any sin. We prayed together … he asked God for forgiveness and asked Jesus to come into his heart and life. I left with him a Bible in his native language but I also wanted to ask you guys to pray for him as I know that Satan will try to steal the seed planted in his heart. Please pray that he will stay strong on the path to heaven and in the decision he made to follow Jesus. Please also pray that God will bring people into his life to teach him more about God and to disciple him as he just started this walk with Jesus. Thank you and may God be glorified in this boy’s life.


I also wanted to let you know, in case you did not hear this already, that unfortunately I had to shorten my mission trip in Kenya, with few months, mainly for financial reasons. So now I am back in US and trying to get back into every-day life and pick it up from where I left it.  I just want to take a moment and to express my gratitude and gratefulness for all of your support and for your faithfulness to God’s call to reach to the ones that are in darkness. You made this trip possible and you have been such a blessing to my heart. May God reward you for every prayer, for every encouragement, for every dollar, for every bit of heart you have came aside of me and blessed me with. The appreciation of you from my heart goes beyond any words from any language. I love you all and I thank God so much for each one and for your sacrifice.

There are still so many needs at that orphanage, in Kenya and in Africa. I am still in touch with the orphanage and the leaders there already asked me to come back so there is another thing you can pray for 🙂 They also told me to bring you with me next time when I go back. So I am already thinking about next summer if God opens the door and makes it possible.

Thank you all again. I love you all and may God bless you as I know you have been such a great blessing to me and to these kids.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of  mine, you did for me.” – Jesus

Matthew 25:40

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September Update

I just thought to write a short update as I know many people are wondering how are things over here. During the day life gets busy at the orphanage but slows down during evening as it is not much to do without electricity.

Lately I have being doing a lot of driving as right now I am the only person at the orphanage who can drive a manual shift and on the left side of the road. Please pray for protection as driving here is very different and also a lot more dangerous with lots of people and bicycles on the road, specially during the night can be terrible…

Also I am working on a solar system that can generate electricity at least for lights during the night , but I hope it can do more then lighting. It is very hard to read your Bible at oil lamp light and also to continue with your activities once the sun goes down. So I hope this system can be a blessing for the orphanage. If it’s on your heart to be part of this project, the parts that I need in order to finish it are around $250.

On top of this sometimes I also teach the bible study for the youth and play guitar with them. This week I will also do it for the smaller kids. Also please pray as I will start meeting on regular bases with a young man from the village who does not know who Jesus was and study the Bible together with him.

One of the reasons why I feel God brought me her is to be an older brother for the kids and the youth from this orphanage, and to invest in their lives. So activities like soccer games, night games or going to the lake with them, are also part of my life here.

I praise God that he allowed me to serve Him by serving these children here. All praise and glory are His. And thank you guys so much for your prayers, encouragement and all support. I could not do this without you. May God bless you all !

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Poverty Has No Grave

One early morning I found a boy in a remote area working a piece of land. He was about 10 years old. I asked him what is he growing in that little garden. He said that he is planting grass and he showed me the type of special grass that he was planting. Then my curiosity araised even more and I asked him again what is he planing to do with the grass at the end of the season. He answered that he is going to sell the grass and use that money to buy books for school. My heart shrinked … but I had to ask him one more question … “And how much money do you hope to make out of the grass from this gardin?” He said “150 shillings”. I reached to my pocket and handed 150 shillings to my new friend. He couldn’t believe his eyes and I was rewarded with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. He took the money and started to run full of joy while tears started to gather in my eyes at the thought of boys like this one who have to work the gardin all year around for 150 kenyan shillings in order to be able to go to school. That is no more than 2 US dollars.


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Finally In Kenya!

Hey everyone,
Finally in Kenya!! This week we were focusing on settling in and getting all of the logistics worked out. The kids have this week off of school so we were playing games, singing songs with them, building friendships and teaching them about the love of God.

This week has also been an adjustment. It is really hard going to a third world country coming from America. I am completely broken every time I hear a story. One we heard this week was a mother who’s husband had died and she had a deformity so she couldn’t work with her hands. She had considered poisoning her kids because that was the best option. This is the reality in so many places here.

The orphanage has several needs and the money that we have set aside for them won’t cover them all so I also need direction to decide which project God wants us to take care of. The needs are play shoes, school shoes, a tank to collect rain water, rebuilding of the older boys dorm, school fees, and a building for the children to eat in. If God is calling you to fund any of these projects please email me at

After this week we will be doing some prayer walks in the smaller villages to make connections and find out what the needs are. Please be praying that God will lead us to the places with the most need, both physically and spiritually.

Before I close this note I would like to ask you guys to pray for my heart. This past week I had a big wave of discourages and trials in different areas. It was very overwhelming but God thought me many things. Thank you for your prayers!

Well that is all for now. Thank you all so much for taking the time to follow my journey. Please be praying about how God can use you here, there is so much need, but as a team we can make an impact.

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Getting Ready

Hey everyone!
Exciting stuff happening! Right now we are just preparing to go.  We will be starting at Shangilia Orphanage in Kenya, but will be open to where God will lead us.  We have been staying busy preparing for our 6 month journey 🙂  We have been preparing songs to lead others in worship there, buying equipment, selling possessions, getting vaccines, and getting our minds and hearts ready for what God has for us there.

Thank you again for all of your support!  I am truly blessed by a great support team!  To God be the Glory!

                “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters”. – 1 John 3:16

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